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When & Where… the two most important things about wine. If you hear us winos (professionals) talking about wine, you’ll hear us talking about when it was grown (the vintage) and where it was grown (the region). The French even have a word for this… ‘terroir’.

BUT… we think the most important thing about wine is you. Wine is about enjoyment, occasion, sharing and creating. It is when you enjoy it, where you enjoy it, who you enjoy it with and why you are drinking it.

When & Where wines nods its head to the times in our lives where we just need a good glass of wine.

When & Where is a winery producer based in Australia. We produce delicious, fresh, crisp wines from organic Australian vineyards in the region of the Riverland. The wines are sustainable, vegan, varietal and ultimately refreshing.


We celebrate the everyday occasion that you crack open and take the time to enjoy great wine. It could be a well earned holiday by the pool, the simple thrills of welcoming the weekend, finally getting the kids to sleep or bingeing a new show. A good glass of wine makes the simple times better. Thanks for stopping by. 

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